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Scientific Board

Members of the Scientific Board

An international and independent structure, IFPEN’s Scientific Board is made up of 15 external members. It issues opinions on fundamental research programs, examines thesis proposals formulated by IFPEN and monitors the progress of the work carried out for the ones selected.
Scientific Board members are also consulted as experts during the course of themed meetings, to come up with or develop new research themes.
For some of these missions, the Board calls upon the services of renowned international experts.
Finally, the Scientific Board is responsible for regularly assessing research divisions.
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Research evaluation

The Scientific Board is responsible for the scientific evaluation of each research division. For this purpose, an evaluation committee is formed made up of Board members and renowned scientists in the relevant field. In particular, the committee examines the relevance of the projects under way, the industrial impact of research results, the list of publications and patents, the number of theses defended and the placement of doctoral students.


Exploratory research and prospective

Crucial to the way research programs evolve over the course of time is the long-range thinking that takes place on a regular basis in order to define the markets and technologies on which IFPEN should focus its work.


Dissertation-topic reviews

The PhD student’s supervisor, an academic holding a national accreditation to direct research (HDR) and the IFPEN sponsor discuss doctoral-thesis topics and submit them to the Scientific Board for approval.
 This is a way of ensuring themes blend in with projects which further IFPEN’s agenda. Topics usually focus on basic research, with links between fundamental issues and applications.
Scientific Board members sit on juries reviewing:

  • IFPEN professor and IFPEN assistant professor candidate applications,
  • Yves Chauvin Dissertation Award submissions, rewarding the best project from IFPEN’s doctoral pool.

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