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Digital Science and Technology

The expertise in the field of Digital Science and Technology at IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is dedicated to:

  • Greater control of complex physical phenomena (CO2 storage, clean refining, low-emission engine combustion, geosciences, etc.),
  • The improved management and real-time control of technologically complex energy systems (electric vehicles, marine energies, eco-industries, etc.).

To achieve their objectives, the teams design:

  • Calculation codes (for example, for the simulation of CO2 storage),
  • Electronic equipment and very high-tech software (particularly for electric vehicles).


Scientific skills

  • High performance computing
  • Meshing and visualization
  • Otimization
  • Automation
  • Signal processing
  • Software architectures
  • Real-time systems
  • Electronic measurements
  • Power electronics


Research themes

With its globally recognized expertise, IFPEN is involved in major international and European research projects.

The Digital Science and Technology work at IFPEN is conducted within the framework of two strategic priorities:





IFPEN contributes to the dissemination of scientific and technical knowledge by making its research results accessible to the broadest possible professional audience worldwide.
Articles, conferences, reference works: IFPEN promotes its research results via a dynamic scientific communication policy.
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