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In brief

IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a public-sector research and training center. It has an international scope, covering the fields of energy, transport and the environment.

From research to industry, technological innovation is central to all its activities.


As part of the publicinterest mission with which it has been tasked by the public authorities, IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) focuses on:

  • providing solutions to take up the challenges facing society in terms of energy and the climate, promoting the emergence of a sustainable energy mix;
  • creating wealth and jobs by supporting French and European economic activity, and the competitiveness of related industrial sectors.


Public/private funding

IFPEN has proven expertise across the entire value chain, from fundamental research to industrial research and innovation. It is funded both by a state budget and by resources provided by French and foreign international partners.

Cross-disciplinary R&D teams

Representing over 50 professions, from geological engineers to powertrain engineers, IFPEN’s employees form a unique body of globally recognized scientific specialists and an unparalleled network of expertise. In order to carry out their research work at the cutting-edge of innovation, they have access to an extremely high-quality technical environment, in terms of both facilities and testing resources.

Innovation-driven research

The aim of IFPEN’s R&D programs is to overcome existing scientific and technological barriers in order to develop innovations that can be used by industry.

Innovation, a driving force for growth

Through its research and resulting innovations, IFPEN fosters the economic development of fields related to the energy, transport and eco-industry sectors. In so doing, it also contributes to creating wealth and jobs. IFPEN’s innovations are developed industrially through close partnerships with industrial players and IFPEN Group subsidiaries. In both emerging and mature markets, IFPEN creates companies or acquires stakeholdings in companies of significant potential, either directly or via capital funds. In addition, IFPEN supports the development of SMEs and SMIs as part of collaboration agreements, contributing its technical and legal expertise.

Training, a vector for competitiveness

Against the backdrop of a rapidlychanging energy sector, IFP School and IFP Training provide industry with the highly qualified personnel it requires to take up current and future technological, economic and environmental challenges.
IFP School operates within an international environment and provides young graduate engineers with advanced postgraduate programs in the fields of energy, motor vehicles and the environment. Over 600 students from throughout the world graduate from IFP School each year.
IFP Training, an IFPEN subsidiary, offers training programs to almost 15,000 employees from industry every year, securing their competitiveness.

Information, a catalyst for progress

IFPEN has built up a unique body of knowledge as a result of several decades of research and scientific and industrial expertise. This extensive library of knowledge is made available to the widest possible audience with a view to informing and enriching collective and individual decisions regarding current and future energy and environmental issues.


Five strategic priorities


Renewable energies

Producing fuels, chemical intermediates and energy from renewable sources - In order to tackle the greenhouse effect causing climate change and alleviate the transport sector’s reliance on oil, IFPEN works on the production of biofuels, chemical intermediates and energy via the transformation of biomass. It also designs the technological solutions required to harness ocean resources.
 + Research theme > Renewable energies

Eco-friendly production

Producing energy while mitigating the environmental footprint -Since industrial activities generate CO2 emissions and use water resources, IFPEN develops CO2 capture, transport and geological storage processes to combat global warming. It also works on technologies aimed at optimizing industry’s use of water.
 + Research theme > Eco-friendly production

Innovative transport

Developing fuel-efficient, environmentally-friendly transport - Drawing on its experience in the field of powertrains, acquired in partnership with the world’s major automobile manufacturers, IFPEN designs and perfects technological solutions aimed at further reducing fuel consumption and minimizing the environmental impact of vehicles. It also works on the development of low CO2-emitting engines for the aviation
 + Research theme > Innovative transport

Eco-efficient processes

Producing environmentally-friendly fuels and chemical intermediates from fossil resources - In order to meet ever-increasing demand while mitigating the environmental footprint, IFPEN develops eco-efficient processes and products with a view to transforming a variety of fossil resources (technological oils, coal, gas) into fuels and chemical intermediates.
 + Research themes > Eco-efficient processes

Sustainable resources

Providing environmentally-friendly technologies and pushing back the current boundaries of oil and gas reserves - In order to secure long-term energy supplies, the exploitation of oil and gas resources remains crucial. While working to develop oil substitutes, IFPEN perfects advanced simulation tools geared towards gaining an insight into the underground environment as well as environmentally-friendly technologies with a view to pushing back the current boundaries of oil and gas exploration and production.
 + Research theme > Sustainable resources

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