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Regional presence

IFPEN has long been established as a significant player in the Rhône-Alpes regional ecosystem. Its activities are focused on the development of low-carbon technologies and new green, competitive and sustainable industrial sectors, thereby contributing to a smooth energy transition in France and around the world.

In recent years, the reorganization of research in France has been increasingly hinged around the reinforcement of regional clusters. In this context, IFPEN plays a fundamental role in the structuring of component projects of the Rhône-Alpes region's innovation and technology transfer network. To this end, it works closely with a number of the region's public, academic and industrial players. IFPEN thus actively participates in the development of regions - particularly the Rhône-Alpes region -, reinforcing their competitiveness and appeal

Competitiveness clusters

IFPEN's commitment to innovation and its support for the local economic fabric, particularly SMEs, are primarily reflected in its involvement in competitiveness clusters:

(Chemistry-Environment in Lyon and the Rhône-Alpes region), of which it is a founding member


(Lyon Urban Truck & Bus), of which it is a founding member



(Technology, New Energies, Renewable Energies in the Rhône-Alpes, Drôme, Isère, Savoie regions).


Collaborative platform

IFPEN is also a founding member of the Axel'One collaborative platform, present on three sites in the Lyon region. One of these sites, dedicated to innovative processes, is located at IFPEN-Lyon. The Axel’One innovative processes platform provides the SMEs and intermediate-sized companies it hosts with access to 1,800 m2 of office space, laboratories and experimentation facilities.

Hosted companies also have access to IFPEN-Lyon site facilities (logistics, safety conditions, etc.) and some of its technological resources (ENER110 supercomputer, etc.). IFPEN thus helps support these companies to turn them into Chemistry Valley's nuggets of the future. Lastly, the presence of Axel’One at the IFPEN-Lyon site provides a springboard for expanding the portfolio of partnerships and potential customers as well as access to new markets.       



 Teaching and research

IFPEN is a scientific partner of the community of universities and institutions (COMUE since 2013, formerly PRES Lyon). At the frontier between research and industry, IFPEN works to facilitate technology transfer between academia and the economic fabric.

A member of the CEPRRA (Rhône-Alpes public-sector research federation), IFPEN- Lyon is also a host laboratory for the University of Lyon's Doctoral School of Chemistry.



 Technological support for innovative SMEs

One of IFPEN's priorities is to act to promote innovation and provide support to the local economic fabric, particularly SMEs and intermediate-sized companies, with a view to facilitating their development.  In the field of new energy technologies in particular, IFPEN offers a comprehensive range of services dedicated to innovative SMEs; each year, some twenty partnership contracts are signed and around 60 jobs created.    

  >> Find out more about IFPEN's support for SMEs

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