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An unprecedented educational experience at IFP School : 30 students took part in a simulation of the COP21

April 2015

Watch the video !

To meet the energy challenges of today’s and tomorrow’s world and to accompany the energy transition, IFP school, an industry-oriented post-graduate school and an integral part of IFP Energies nouvelles, trains high-level professionals who are able to satisfy the needs of the energy and transportation sectors.
It delivers professional training which includes numerous case studies based on real data, field work, etc.

It is within this context that for the past 10 years IFP School has organized the Professional Skills Module (PSM) for all students on industry-oriented programs. At the end of this module, which lasts around 20 days, students are able to:
- position their own specialization within the energy and environment sectors
- make an effective contribution to the management of a project by developing their ability to work in teams with other students from different study programs and diverse cultures who may have different ways of working.

Jean-Pierre Deflandre, Professor at IFP School and Project leader for the PSM module “COP21 and CO2 management”, gave this year’s students the opportunity to work in an innovative way by asking them to organize an “IFP School COP21” focused on the problems and management of CO2. Working in intercultural teams, students discussed the challenges facing the COP and the interests of the different Parties, and then proposed and voted resolutions. Through these different stages, they organized a simulation of a real COP*.

6 teams representing the Parties

• IPCC experts (Intergovernmental panel on climate change)
• Representatives of each State
• Scientific experts of the European Community’s Geological Capture and Storage sector
• Players of the  CO2 market
• Representatives of the Civil society
• The Organizing Committee


A workflow in 3 stages

  • The Pre-COP

During a pre-COP meeting, each team presented their analysis of the issues at stake concerning climate change. At the end of the presentations, 5 subjects for round table discussions were defined.

  • Round tables

The 5 subjects defined in the pre-COP were discussed during round tables made up of one representative of each team. These discussions gave rise to one or several resolutions to be put to the vote at the COP.

  • The COP

The resolutions selected were presented at the COP meeting. Each resolution was discussed and then put to the vote.

IFP School students

By reproducing the structure and procedure of an international conference on climate change, students were better able to understand the various issues at stake, learn how to defend their arguments, lead negotiations, and work together in an innovative and creative way within a multicultural environment.
Taking part in a simulation of a COP21, is also a way of raising social awareness, enabling students to play an active part in the fight against climate change.

IFP School

The students loved it!

José « A great opportunity to work in a multicultural environment and on a very important subject”
Thomas “Working with students of different cultures and backgrounds during the PSM was really educational”
Corentin I really enjoyed this PSM project because we are used to writing reports, passing exams but we are not used to taking part in round tables like we did”.

IFP School in a few figures

  • 40 permanent professors and 350 lecturers from industry
  • 17 programs, 7 of which are taught in English
  • 600 graduates per year
  • 50 % international students
  • 80 % of students sponsored by industry
  • 13 000 alumni in over 100 countries

*The 21st Conference of the Parties of the United Nations Framework Convention on Climate Change  will be held in Paris from 30 November  to 11 December 2015.

> Watch the video on YouTube :

> For further information on IFPEN's commitment to COP21

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