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As a leading player in the French research and innovation system, IFP Energies nouvelles is taking part in the research alliances ANCRE and ALLEnvi.

Ancre - Alliance nationale de coordination de la recherche pour l'énergie (French National Alliance for Energy Research Coordination)

IFP Energies nouvelles plays a coordinating role through the Ancre  which it has chaired since it was founded in 2009. The objective of this alliance, created with the CEA, the CNRS and the CPU at the request of the public authorities, is to step up the efficiency of energy research carried out in France by proposing a joint R&I policy and fostering synergies between public research bodies, universities and companies. The associate members are universities, grandes écoles, industrial players via competitiveness clusters and all the public R&D bodies involved in the energy sector.

The first concrete proposals for joint research programs were formulated in June 2010: technical, economic and environmental assessment of algae processes for the production of biofuels, innovative materials for nuclear power, energy storage linked to the intelligence of networks or construction/energy/transport convergence. These will give rise to research projects in 2011. To einforce its efficiency, Ancre is working in close cooperation with the EERA (European Energy Research Alliance), which was created as part of SET Plan, to develop joint programs between research centers on a European level.
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AllEnvi - Alliance nationale de recherche pour l'environnement (French National Alliance for Environmental Research)

This is the fourth alliance to be set up after the three research alliances Aviesan (health), Ancre (energy) and Allistene (digital). IFP Energies nouvelles is taking part as an associate member in work by three themed groups: Eco-technologies and sustainable chemistry, Water and Environmental and life cycle Assessment.
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