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Competitiveness clusters

With regions playing an increasingly important role in research and innovation, IFP Energies nouvelles is involved in several competitiveness clusters in the field of NETs.

ASTech: aeronautics, space, onboard systems

IFPEN is a founding member and board member of ASTech, which brings together manufacturers and research organizations, and also takes part in some of the cluster’s working groups.

The themes developed concern onboard energy, materials and processes, vehicle architecture and powertrain systems.   

IFPEN contributes its expertise in two fields: biofuels that can be incorporated in jet fuel and combustion modeling.


Avenia: long-term development of underground systems in the energy transition

IFPEN is a board member of the Avenia cluster located in Pau focusing on the development of technologies related to the exploration and use of underground environments: fossil energies, geothermal energy, geological storage of COand energy.

IFPEN contributes its tried and tested expertise in the field of geosciences (drilling, monitoring, modeling, etc.).


Axelera: a global cluster for avant-garde chemistry


IFP Energies nouvelles is one of the founding members, alongside Arkema, Rhodia, Suez and the CNRS, of the Lyon and Rhône-Alpes Chemistry and Environment competitiveness cluster, led by the Axelera association. Today, the cluster boasts almost 300 members, 40% of which are SME-SMIs.

It has labelled almost 200 research projects. The projects in which IFP Energies nouvelles is involved concern the intensification of processes (the design of more compact units), the replacement of fossil-based raw materials with renewable ones and water treatment.


Industries and Agro-Resources: non-food uses of plants (Champagne-Ardenne and Picardie)

IFPEN participates in the Industries et Agro-Ressources (Industries and Agro-Resources) cluster (Champagne-Ardenne and Picardie) via projects such as FUTUROL, aimed at developing and marketing a second-generation bioethanol production process.


CARA European Cluster for Mobility Solutions: optimizing public transport for people and goods in urban environments

IFP Energies nouvelles is actively involved in the CARA European Cluster for Mobility Solutions cluster, which it helped to organize. The goal of the LUTB cluster is to take up the challenges raised by a growing demand for mobility, regarding both people and goods, in urban environments.

In charge of the "Powertrain and Drivetrain" program, IFP Energies nouvelles is a partner in several innovative projects dedicated to heavy-duty vehicle powertrains.


Mov’eo: environmentally-friendly cars and public transport


IFPEN is a founding member and board member of this cluster based in the Ile-de-France and Normandy regions, and is involved in several of its strategic areas of activity. The objective is to promote the development of safe, environmentally-friendly cars and public transport.

Mov'eo has around 360 members: predominantly micro-companies, SMEs and intermediate-sized companies, along with industrial players (Renault, PSA group, Safran, Siemens, Total, Valéo, Véolia, etc.), research centers and higher education institutions (CEA, Écoles des mines, INRETS, etc.).

IFPEN contributes its expertise in the fields of energy and powertrain systems, as well as the environment and product life cycles.


Tenerrdis: new energy technologies for the transport and construction sectors 

IFPEN participates in the Rhônalpin cluster Tenerrdis
via projects in the field of advanced biofuels.

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