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> Three questions to Aurélie Pirayre, IFPEN’s 2018 Yves Chauvin prize-winner - January 2019

> Awards for two IFPEN PhD students in the field of geosciences - November 2018

> Céline Pagis, PhD researcher at IFPEN/IRCELYON, recipient of the L’Oréal-Unesco “For Women in Science” fellowship - October 2018

> Innovative interpolation methods to enhance experimental performance - September 2018

> Simulations in the field of geosciences: a software prototype example serving the environment, energy and climate - April 2018

> A journey to the heart of dunes for products in quest of identity, or how image processing accelerates their characterization - March 2018

> Gaining a better understanding of diffusion phenomena within catalysts - January 2018

> Solid-liquid interfaces : SLIMCAT lifts the veil on molecular-scale mechanisms - January 2018

> Stirring in bioreactors: significant progress for the production of advanced biofuels using enzymatic processes - December 2017

> 2017 Yves Chauvin thesis prize awarded to Zlatko Solomenko - November 2017

> IFPEN takes its inspiration from the living world to “dope” the transformation of materials - November 2017

> Connected and driverless vehicles: IFPEN welcomes Professor Ardalan Vahidi - September 2017

> Image processing: an innovative stereo 3D reconstruction approach - September 2017

> Thermodynamics and biobased products: Prof. Mikhail Varfolomeev, scientific visitor from Kazan Federal University (Russian Federation) - September 2017

> The characterization of bioethanol contaminants: award-winning PhD researcher - July 2017

> ChemCatChem publishes a special issue on Catalysis in France, highlighting the pivotal role of IFPEN - June 2017

> Catalysis: Kim Larmier, a PhD researcher at IFPEN, receives the highly prestigious EFCATS Best PhD Thesis Award 2017 - June 2017

> From a research tool for the energy management of hybrid vehicles to a commercial software tool: the example of HOT - May 2017

> How can oil and gas coexist with products derived from biomass? IFPEN develops predictive models - April 2017

> Interview of Jean-Charles de Hemptinne, Professor at IFP School and Chair of Thermodynamics for Biomass Fuels at IFP Energies nouvelles by Marcelo C... - April 2017

> Scientific visit to IFPEN by Per-Olof Gutman, Professor at Technion – Israel Institute of Technology (Haifa) - March 2017

> The biofuels of the future: understanding and modeling enzymatic hydrolysis - December 2016

> 2016 Yves Chauvin thesis prize awarded to Kim Larmier for his catalysis research - November 2016

> A new method developed at IFPEN to measure proton activity in solid polymer electrolyte membranes - October 2016

> Scientific visit to IFPEN by Béatrice Rivière, Professor at Rice University (Houston, USA) - September 2016

> Characterization of Materials: when molecular simulation enhances experimentation - June 2016

> The development of “omic” technologies: gene expression, digital style, or bioinformatics serving more sustainable chemistry - May 2016

> IFPEN and UPMC join forces to study bio-based chemistry - April 2016

> Evaluation of the physicochemical properties of chemical compounds: a new tool for the implementation of REACH - March 2016

> Engine combustion: leading global research teams meet in Kyoto thanks to the ECN network - February 2016

> "Microfluidics: from laboratory tools to process development" : review of the Scientific Conference (4-5 November 2015, IFPEN/Rueil-Malmaison) - January 2016

> Engine knock reduction: the fundamental contribution of LES: Anthony Robert, winner of the 2015 Yves Chauvin thesis prize - December 2015

> IFPEN pays tribute to Prof. Maurice Bergougnou - December 2015

> Upgrading of heavy crude oils: scientific advances in the description of catalyst supports - November 2015

> IFPEN Catalysis Rewarded - July 2015

> Award for work on mixtures in a stirred reactor - July 2015

> IFP Energies nouvelles is organizing, in collaboration with the Pierre-Gilles de Gennes Institute, the Rencontre scientifique Microfluidics: from la... - July 2015

> Photocatalysis for Energy: review of the Photo4E Scientific Conference (15-17 October 2014, IFPEN Lyon) - June 2015

> IFPEN explores the contribution of microfluidics in high-pressure, high-temperature (HP-HT) conditions - May 2015

> Papers of the international workshop "Viscoplastic Fluids: From Theory to Application" - May 2015

> IFP Energies nouvelles offers its PhD students complementary training programs - May 2015

> Improved catalyst performance: a major leap forward for supported metal catalyst preparation - May 2015

> High-throughput experimentation (HTE), a tool serving innovation - April 2015

> Advances in the identification of an optimal material for CO2 capture - April 2015

> Second-generation biofuels get a helping hand from the fungus Podospora anserina - February 2015

> Onboard energy managers optimize fuel consumption - January 2015

> Significant advance in our understanding of catalytic mechanisms on a nanometric scale - October 2014

> IFPEN at the forefront of dual-fuel engine development - February 2014

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