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Philippe Pinchon appointed new Dean of IFP School

13 January 2012

IFP School

Philippe Pinchon has been appointed Dean of IFP School by order of the French Minister for Industry. He took up his position on 2 January 2012.

Philippe Pinchon takes over from Jean-Luc Karnik, who had held the post since September 2000 and has now moved to IFP Training.

Philippe Pinchon, 57, is a graduate of the École Nationale Supérieure de Techniques Avancées in Paris and of IFP School.

He began his career back in 1978 as a research engineer at IFP Energies nouvelles. He was appointed Director of the Energy Application Techniques Division in 1989. He then took over as Director of IFP Energies nouvelles’ Powertrain Engineering Technology Business Unit in 2002, followed by the Transport Business Unit in 2010, where he was in charge of research and development in the field of cleaner and more economic powertrains.

Philippe Pinchon will further develop IFP School at international level and ensure it continues to attract the talented individuals who will take up the energy challenges of the future. This international approach is reflected by the fact that the school’s current students come from over 50 different countries.

He will also continue to guarantee world-class training leading to professional qualifications, further consolidating the school’s strong ties with over 60 French and international companies operating in the energy and powertrain sector, which sponsor some of the School's students or send their employees on study leave.

An integral part of IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), IFP School offers applied graduate programs for students and young professionals from all over the world in energy-related fields (oil, gas, petrochemicals, powertrains, new energy technologies).
It has a dual ambition:

  • To train the future energy transition players, simultaneously meeting the needs of industry and society, particularly in terms of sustainable development and innovation.
  • To ensure their professional success by providing cross-cutting professional training and offering strong international exposure, by leveraging its strong industrial footing and IFPEN’ scientific environment. Enjoying close links with the worlds of research and industry, IFP School has acquired an international reputation. Each year, its student intake includes 50% foreign nationals and over 80% of its students are sponsored by industry.


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De Marignan


Phone : 01 47 52 62 07

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