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How R&D works

An efficient objective-oriented organization: to support its research and innovation strategy, IFP Energies nouvelles has established an organizational framework and chosen management tools designed to optimize the way it operates.

By vocation, IFP Energies nouvelles focuses its activities on applied research. This covers all the scientific and technological fields related to the energy, transport and environment industries, inside the five strategic priorities:


Sophie Jullian

A research strategy serving innovation

"International award-winners, experts in their fields and regular speakers at major conferences, our researchers are the best illustration of our scientific excellence."
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Sophie Jullian,
Scientific Director


Matrix organization - Operation by projects

All IFP Energies nouvelles initiatives are undertaken within the framework of projects with precise objectives, defined on the basis of its public-interest missions. To deliver the results expected of a project, the project manager leads a multidisciplinary team which, within the framework of the matrix organization, is made up of personnel from research divisions and functional divisions combining homogeneous expertise.
This structure means that skills can be used on the basis of a project's needs with maximum efficiency and a high level of flexibility. It also provides an opportunity to combine talents, since multidisciplinarity is a genuine source of innovation.


Business Units

Business units are responsible for designing and conducting research and development programs. They also manage their industrial outlets.


Research Divisions

The research divisions group together all the scientific expertise and technical resources relating to the same disciplinary field. They are responsible for conducting research and development work.
They ensure that the highest scientific standards and the quality of results are maintained. They are also responsible for ensuring a broad balance between fundamental research and applied research, experimental approach and modeling, work conducted internally and external partnerships.
> The research divisions


Scientific Management

Innovation-Oriented scientific action and policies, the scientific management is the innovation support structure for the whole of IFP Energies nouvelles:

  • it conducts prospective reflection, in partnership with the scientific board and the research divisions,
  • it is an open door to the academic world,
  • in partnership with the IFP School, it ensures that post-graduate students receive solid education and training through research and helps them enter the labor market,
  • it reinforces IFP Energies nouvelles's scientific image by encouraging publications and managing scientific conferences.
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