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Nathalie Schildknecht has been appointed Director of the Physics and Analysis Division

taking over from Cécile Barrère-Tricca, now site director at IFPEN-Lyon.

Nathalie Schildknecht, 58, is a graduate engineer from the Ecole nationale supérieure de Chimie de Lille.

Nathalie Schildknecht

She holds two graduate research degrees, one in Spectroscopy and the other in Optics and Photonics. She was also awarded a PhD in spectroscopy by Lille University of Science and Technology.

She joined IFP Energies nouvelles in 1983 as a research engineer responsible for the vibrational spectrometry laboratory in the Physics and Analysis Division. In 2003, she was appointed head of the Elementary and Oil Analyses Department followed, in 2009, by head of the Physics and Analysis Division’s Product Characterization Department.

Since 2014, she had been seconded, as Director, to the Institut des Sciences analytiques (Institute of Analytical Sciences), (UMR 5280), an Institute under the authority of CNRS/Université Claude-Bernard Lyon1/Ecole Normale supérieure de Lyon.


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