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Eric Lafargue has been appointed Executive Vice-President

responsible for industrial development, subsidiary management and legal, economic and financial affairs, taking over from Georges Picard who has moved to a different role.

Éric Lafargue, 57, is a graduate of ENSG Nancy (French National School of Geology in Nancy) and IFP School.

Eric Lafargue

In 1986, he was joined IFPEN’s Geology-Geochemistry Division where he led various R&D projects relating to oil formation and its accumulation in fields. In 1998 he joined the French Ministry of Industry (Oil and Gas Department) where he was specifically responsible for monitoring companies in the French oil-related sector. He also managed the French Oil and Gas Sector Support Fund.
In 2002, he joined IFPEN’s Industrial Development Business Unit, responsible for managing IFPEN’s portfolio of subsidiaries and stakeholdings. He was made Deputy Director in 2007. He had been Director of the Industrial Development Business Unit since 2009.


Nathalie Alazard-Toux has been appointed Director of the Industrial Development Business Unit

taking over from the now Executive Vice-President, Eric Lafargue.

Nathalie Alazard-Toux, 52, is a graduate of ENSG Nancy (French National School of Geology in Nancy) and IFP School (Economics and Business Administration).

Nathalie Alazard-Toux

She joined IFPEN’s Economics Department in 1990, where she conducted a number of economic studies in the field of exploration-production. In 1993, she moved to the Strategy, Economics and Program Division where she contributed to strategic studies and the monitoring of upstream oil and gas R&D programs. In 2000, Nathalie Alazard-Toux was appointed Head of the Growth Division’s Marketing and Market Monitoring Department. In 2002, she was appointed Director of the Economic Studies Division, then Director of the Economics and Information Watch Division in 2008.
She had been Deputy Director of the Industrial Development Business Unit since 2017.


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