13.03.2017 - 14.03.2017

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Rueil-Malmaison, France



In times of increasing commitment to regulating pollutant emissions, the design of breakthrough cleanup technologies - either preventive or curative - has become essential for thesustainability of the combustion processes for power generation and transportation.

The Computational chemistry has made significant contributions to pollution control, revealing the mechanisms involved in pollutant formation and determining the key corresponding molecular parameters. Still, many challenges remain, notably concerning the interaction of energy transfer using molecular modeling with an ever-growing set of reactions in multiphase self-organizing combustion and post-combustion environments.

Recognizing the increasing contribution of nanotechnologies to pollutant abatement, this event permitted to bridge the gap between theoretical chemists and chemical engineers and brougth together specialists in combustion and plasma chemistry, heterogeneous catalysis experts and atmospheric chemists at one event. 

This international conference has promoted discussion between participants from academic and industrial backgrounds, addressing applications as diverse as internal combustion engines, gas turbines, furnaces, thermal and catalytic after-treatment systems, and plasma depollution technologies.

This conference was addressed not only to computational chemists but also to experimentalists who devised advanced techniques capable of supporting and validating theoretical models.


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