In a few words

Gondia Sokhna SECK holds a PhD in Economics and a one-year specialization in energy systems optimization from Ecole des Mines de Paris (in M.Sc. OSE). He also obtained in parallel a specialized engineering degree in Nuclear Engineering (Nuclear Sciences and Technologies) from INSTN at the French Atomic Energy Commission (CEA) and a specialized engineering degree in Chemistry and Physics from Graduate school of chemistry & physics of Bordeaux.

He works as a specialist in modeling and analyses of energy systems within the Economics and Environmental Evaluation  Department, Economics and Technology Intelligence Division at IFP Energies nouvelles.

Before joining IFP Energies nouvelles, Gondia worked many years for the European Commission and EDF R&D. He worked on the assessment of the impact of energy policies on industry, on power sector, residential & services sectors through ‘bottom-up’ technical-economic models. He contributed to the development of different prospective modeling tools in the field of energy economics, with an emphasis on the link between energy planning and climate change policies at the national (France), regional (Europe, Africa) and global levels.

Research subjects
Energy systems modeling (France, Europe, Africa and the World)
Energy transition Analyses
Resources and Materials criticality
Geopolitics of energy transition
  • H24EU project (Hydrogen for Europe project) in collaboration with SINTEF and DELOITTE
  • GENERATE Project (Renewable Energy Geopolitics and Future Studies on Energy Transition)in collaboration with the French Institute for International and Strategic Affairs
  • OPECST project (The Parliamentary Office for Scientific and Technological Assessment) of the French lower and upper House
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