In a few words

Jean-François Joly, chemical engineer from ESCIL (Ecole Supérieure de Chimie Industrielle de Lyon), and holder of a PhD in Process Engineering, joined IFPEN to work in the field of catalyst development and process development He was involved in the management of refining projects and then spent 10 years as head of a department dedicated to the modeling of chemical reactors. Since 2013, he has occupied the position of scientific assistant to the director of the Process Design and Modeling department.

He is also involved in the French Process Engineering community, as Executive Officer of the French Society for Process Engineering. In 2015, he obtained his accreditation to supervise research from Lyon 1 university.


  • Scientific Assistant Director in the Process Design and Modelling Division, Project manager
  • Teaching activities : IFP School
  • 40 scientific papers, 110 patents
  • Executive Officer of the French Society for Process Engineering
  • Member of the editorial committee of « Techniques de l’Ingénieur » »
  • Accreditation to supervise research
Research subjects
Advanced kinetic modeling: search for reactivity descriptors of complex reaction systems
Search for catalyst descriptors so as to incorporate them into kinetic models

Industrials projects in the field of processes for biomass conversion


Selected key publications

Non monotonous product distribution dependence on Pt/γ-Al2O3-Cl catalysts formulation in n-heptane reforming.
Olivier Said-Aizpuru, Ana T.F. Batista,Christophe Bouchy,Vittorio Petrazzuoli, Florent Allain, Fabrice Diehl, David Farrusseng,Franck Morfin, Jean-François Joly, and Aurélie Dandeu
First published: 05 February 2020 in ChemCatChem

A chemometric exploration of APPI(+)-FT-ICR MS data sets for a comprehensive study of aromatic sulfur compounds in gas oils
Guillemant, Julie; Albrieux, Florian; Lacoue-Nègre, Marion; Pereira de Oliveira, Luis; Joly, Jean-François; Duponchel, Ludovic
Anal. Chem. 2019, 91, 11785−11793

A Monte Carlo method for the simulating hydrotreating of bio-oil model compounds
A.R. Costa da Cruz, J.J. Verstraete⁠⁎, N. Charon, J.-F. Joly
Chemical Engineering Journal 377 (2019) 120144

Innovation in process development : from catalyst to industrial unit
Jean-François Joly, Fabrice Giroudière, Fabrice Bertoncini
Catalysis Today 218– 219 (2013) 153– 161

Foundations of Process Industrialization
Process Engineering and Industrial Management.

First published: 23 February 2013

Superacid and catalytic properties of sulfated zirconia
Chen Fr, Coudurier G., Joly J.F., Vedrine J.
Journal of Catalysis  
Volume: 143   issue: 2   pages: 616-626   published: oct 1993