In a few words

After various experiences in mechanics, consulting and chemical engineering, Matthieu ROLLAND has been working in improving tools and methodologies for catalyst testing since 2002. He is interested in defining design criteria to improve trust and confidence in data recorded from experiments in small size fixed bed reactors with a focus on quantification of random effects on reactor performances. He is working with experimental, physical modeling and numerical simulation approaches. He is now interested in the use of data science as a tool to improve data quality and usage.

He received his “habilitation à diriger les recherches” in July 2019 (~professor like degree)

15 publications, 12 patents,

Supervisor of 6 phD (2 on going), 2 post-docs, 10 interns

Research subjects
Fixed bed downsizing
Fixed bed Direct Numerical Simulation
Integrating Reaction and Analysis
Data science for lab work

De Sousa Duarte M., Rolland, M., Sagnard, C., Suire, D., Flacher, F., Delpoux, O. & Lienemann, C.P (2019), A 3 MPa, 350 °C transparent fixed bed reactor for operando gas-liquid reaction follow-up. Accepted in Chemical Engineering Technology.

Rolland, M., Rakotonirina, A.D., Devouassoux, A., Barrios Goicetty, J.L., Delenne, J.Y & Wachs, A. (2019) Predicting average void fraction and void fraction uncertainty in fixed beds of poly-lobed particles. Accepted in Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research.

Rolland, M., & Fonte, C. P. (2015). Incertitude induced by testing a small number of catalytic pellets in fixed beds. Chemical Engineering Science, 138, 698-705.

Nowacka, A., Moughames, J., Adem, Z., Quoineaud, A. A., Rolland, M., Guenneau, F., & Gedeon, A. (2015). In situ magnetic resonance imaging study of the impregnation of γ-alumina pellets. Applied Catalysis A: General, 503, 111-116.