IFPEN provides public research and innovation policy support on a European, national and regional scale. Its contribution to decision-making ranges from forward-looking reflection processes concerning energy issues to funding agency program development guidance, via the definition of research and innovation strategies. 


IFPEN makes proposals in the context of the preparation of European framework programs (today Horizon Europe 2021-2027) and contributes to the development of road maps to guide and structure European research in the fields of energy and transport. For example, IFPEN is a member of  EERA (European Energy Research Alliance), where it contributes to the definition of European research priorities and the implementation of the European Strategic Energy Technology Plan (SET plan). Another European program structure involving IFPEN is EARTO (European Association of Research and Technology Organizations) bringing together applied research bodies in Europe. Its inclusion in these structures enables IFPEN to join forces with partners with a view to responding to calls for proposals published by the European Commission. Finally, IFPEN demonstrates its commitment via the presence of its experts in various specific working groups, for example concerning the standardization of fuels.


IFPEN contributes to the development of public policies and programs on a national scale in the fields of research, energy, mobility and the energy transition more broadly. In particular, IFPEN has participated in the definition of French national energy research strategy (SNRE), French national low-carbon strategy (SNBC), and the revision of France’s long-term energy program (PPE).

In parallel, IFPEN contributes to various forward-looking studies and reflection processes in the field of energy and technology, providing its expertise in the context of major national strategic projects. Alongside Veolia, IFPEN leads the “New Resources” solution, one of the nine solutions of the New Industrial France Program. Within this, IFPEN is responsible for managing the Advanced Biofuels themed group and contributes to the Biobased Chemistry Group.

Furthermore, IFPEN is regularly consulted by parliamentary assemblies, providing technical and economic insights concerning all the themes within its scope of expertise, particularly in the context of the parliamentary office for the assessment of scientific and technological choices (OPECST) for subjects related to the energy transition.

Finally, IFPEN provides its expertise to funding, guiding and assessment structures in the French research landscape, via the secondment of personnel and its participation in steering or assessment groups. In particular, via the program groups of the ANCRE alliance, IFPEN has helped to identify the themes to be supported in the field of energy in the context of the ANR (French National Research Agency) program.

Spotlight on Alliances

IFPEN is a founding member of the ANCRE alliance (French National Alliance for Energy Research Coordination), whose role is to coordinate research, help identify future challenges, contribute to public policy-making, provide research program guidance on a national and European level, and produce high added value knowledge.

IFPEN is also an associate member of the AllEnvi alliance (French National Alliance for Environment Research) and, in this capacity, it actively contributes to reflection processes in the fields of sustainable chemistry, water sciences and environmental assessment. 

Finally, IFPEN has been consulted by the Athéna alliance (French National Alliance for Human and Social Sciences) concerning energy-related issues.


IFPEN is a member of seven competitiveness clusters related to the fields of new energy technologies and, as such, supports the development of innovative activities and strategic projects in the regions. IFPEN’s regional involvement is also reflected in:

  • its contribution to the development of the Ile-de-France region’s Regional master plan for higher education, research and innovation;
  • its collaboration in the definition of the Paris-Ouest La-Défense (POLD) area’s Climate Air Energy plan;
  • and its role in the Appel des 30 call for projects: a call for projects that is unique in Europe launched by the Greater Lyon region and designed to consolidate the momentum of innovation in the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region’s Chemistry Valley.