Fundamental research at IFPEN is hinged around the expertise of researchers based in eight research divisions as well as the Economics and Information Watch and Management Division. This expertise reflects the major families of disciplinary fields, the diversity of which is an asset for IFPEN’s R&I activities, as well as in terms of nurturing numerous platforms for exchange and collaborative links with SFRI (French Research and Innovation System) and ERA (European Research Area) research communities. The expertise is channeled into cross-cutting research projects, positioned at various technological readiness levels (TRLs), serving IFPEN’s strategic priorities.

Thanks to the “Scientific Challenges” approach implemented within the context of fundamental research, this expertise benefits from a considerable decompartmentalization effect when it comes to tackling and resolving the scientific questions hampering the development of specific innovations.


•  Geology - Sedimentology
•  Geochemistry
•  Geostatistics - Geological modeling
•  Geomechanics 
•  Petrophysics and transfers in porous media


Sciences chimiquesChemical sciences

•  Catalysis and reaction kinetics
•  Organic and mineral synthesis
•  Separation and adsorption techniques
•  Theoretical chemistry


Sciences analytiques

Analysis and characterization

•  Chemical analysis
•  Structural analysis and imaging
•  Mechanical testing
•  Microfluidics
•  High-throughput experimentation (HTE)


Sciences physiquesPhysical sciences


Chimie physiquePhysical chemistry

•  Complex fluids, colloids and condensed matter
•  Surface, interface and materials science
•  Electrochemistry and corrosion



BiotechnologieBiosciences and biotechnologies


Sciences de l'ingénieur

Engineering sciences
•  Solid mechanics
•  Fluid mechanics
•  Chemical and process engineering
•  Combustion and engine technologies
•  Electrical and electronic engineering
•  Automation and control systems
•  Systems modeling and simulation


Mathématiques et informatiqueMathematics and IT


•  Microeconomics and econometrics
•  Macroeconomics
•  Economic modeling
•  Forecasting and scenario modeling
•  Technical and economic evaluation
•  Environmental impact evaluation & LCA


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Xavier Longaygue

  • Networking and Scientific Outreach Manager