Because the challenges of energy transition go beyond the expertise of a single organization, IFPEN builds partnerships with players in the mobility, energy and eco-industries sectors, in order to

  • be in line with market needs;
  • overcome scientific and technological challenges; 
  • boost the development and dissemination of innovations.

These collaborations are based on the complementarity of skills and technological building blocks between the partners, and on a shared vision of market needs and societal expectations. 

Several types of partnerships exist, which result in different ways of sharing intellectual property and industrial development. 

bilateral research

Bilateral research contracts involve IFPEN and its partner jointly funding a research project and defining rules relating to ownership of the results together. IFPEN works with over 100 industrial partners in France or internationally on this basis.


Research consortiums bring together several partners, who pool their resources and expertise. More often than not, in fundamental research, the results are shared between the partners at the end of the project. 

Joint Industry Projects (JIP)

JIPs are a specific type of consortium, mainly concerning exploration and production-related activities. IFPEN operates the R&I program alone. On completion of the project, the companies use the results, but IFPEN retains industrial ownership. . 

Around 3 new JIPs are created every year, on average.


Logo Alliance EORJoint offers are made by several partners. Since 2010, IFPEN, Beicip-Franlab and Solvay have been marketing a joint services and consulting offer to the petroleum industry for improved oil recovery within the Alliance EOR™. 

collaborative Research

Throughout the innovation chain, IFPEN partners with universities, research centers, major groups, start-ups, SMEs and intermediate-sized companies as part of collaborative projects receiving public support. The objective is to create synergies to advance fundamental research, technological research and innovation:

  • by pooling resources, knowledge and expertise;
  • by sharing risks and costs. 

In addition to the fundamental research projects carried out within the framework of the ANR (French National Research Agency), IFPEN is involved in projects supported by the Ademe (French Environment and Energy Management Agency) in the fields of sustainable mobility and new energies, including several research demonstrators. One example is the BioTfueL® project, whose objective is to develop and market a complete biodiesel and biokerosene production line.

With a view to consolidating its territorial roots and industrial partnerships, IFPEN also contributes to collaborative projects financed by the French Interministerial Fund (FUI), ERDF funds, as well as by the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes and Île-de-France regions.

IFPEN is also a partner in several collaborative projects supported by the European Union, particularly within the framework of the Horizon 2020 program. This is the case of the CHEERS project in the field of CO2 capture.

71 ongoing collaborative research projects, including 38 involving international partners.
Since 2014, 21 H2020 projects involving IFPEN.



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