IFPEN’s expertise and skills are key influence and appeal factors when it comes to conducting open and collaborative research. Peer recognition in a variety of fields, reflected in the numerous, often prestigious awards received over the years, is thus essential. 

Awards obtained in 2021

Rémi Hocq, a PhD researcher at IFPEN (2017-2019) was awarded the Dufrenoy silver medal by the French Academy of Agriculture for t his thesis  entitled “Clostridium beijerinckii DSM 6423, an emerging platform strain for solvent bioproduction". This research had previously been singled out for the 2020 Yves Chauvin Prize,

Julie Guillemant, a PhD researcher at IFPEN (2017-2019), was awarded the 2021 thesis prize from The French Society of Mass Spectrometry for her work on the "chemometric exploitation of molecular analysis data (FT-ICR/MS) of gas oils (GO) and vacuum gas oils (VGO) for the research for reactivity descriptors".

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