IFPEN’s expertise and skills are key influence and appeal factors when it comes to conducting open and collaborative research. Peer recognition in a variety of fields, reflected in the numerous, often prestigious awards received over the years, is thus essential. 

Awards obtained in 2019

Céline Pagis, a researcher at IFPEN, received the 2019 Denise Barthomeuf award, presented by the French Zeolite Group (GFZ) for her thesis entitled “Synthesis and catalytic performance of hollow Y zeolite crystals”.

IFPEN researchers Léo Agélas and Guillaume Enchéry, along with co-authors Martin Schneider and Bernd Flemisch from the University of Stuttgart, received an award for their paper on “Convergence of nonlinear finite volume schemes for heterogeneous anisotropic diffusion on general meshes” This paper was one of the University of Stuttgart’s top ten papers of 2018.

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