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In the wake of the considerable success of the first edition in March 2019 – 26,000 participants from 130 countries and 275 universities and a completion rate of 20% - IFP School, with the support of Total Foundation and in partnership with Fondation Tuck, is launching a new session of its MOOC on the energy transition: “Energy Transition: Innovation Towards a Low-Carbon Future”.

The objective is to help as many people as possible gain a better understanding of the importance of being an active player in the energy transition, within the context of the 2°C scenario, and of the specific innovations we can implement rapidly for a low-carbon energy mix; this objective fits squarely with IFP School’s ambition to ensure its students have the expertise required for the energy transition of the 21st century.

Delivered in English, the program will run for a 5-week period, starting from 27 January. Enrollments are open until 21 February: https://mooc.innovation.ifp-school.com/Minisite/home/22186#pro

The MOOC tackles the following themes:

  • Energy transition challenges (demand, resources, environment, global warming, etc.).
  • Solutions for a sustainable energy mix: renewable electricity production, geothermal energy, the rapid development of natural gas, CO2 capture and storage technology (CCS), energy storage and, in particular, compressed air energy storage, energy efficiency, bio-based products, biofuels.

This 2nd edition retains the aspects underpinning the success of the first:

  • The contribution of the expertise of IFP School’s teaching staff and IFPEN’s researchers.
  • Consideration of all the issues and challenges to develop energy transition solutions.
  • Innovative educational methods (videos, interactive mini-games, discussion forums, bonuses).

Moreover, this edition offers the added feature of Spanish and French versions of the assessment mini-games and associated educational materials.

In brief:

  • Title: Energy Transition: “Innovation Towards a Low-Carbon Future”.
  • Dates: from 27 January to 2 March (followed by two additional weeks without teaching time to enable participants to finalize the assessment process)
  • Free enrollment: https://mooc.innovation.ifpschool.com/Minisite/home/22186#prog
  • Estimated workload: 2 to 3 hours per week
  • Language: English, French, Spanish (video subtitles, handouts and evaluation mini-games)
  • Prerequisites: 2/3 years of higher education
  • Program:
    - Technological, economic and regulatory context
    - Renewable electricity
    - Underground energy: geothermal energy and natural gas
    - CCS and energy storage


  • Anne-Laure DE MARIGNAN : +33 (0)1 47 52 62 07
  • Patricia FULGONI : +33 (0)1 47 52 67 21