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Augusto Correnti, a soon-to-be graduate of IFP School's Reservoir Geoscience and Engineering (RGE) program (class of 2020), has created a course on carbon management and negative emissions technologies at his university in Argentina.

Augusto joined the RGE program as part of the academic partnership with the Instituto Tecnológico de Buenos Aires (ITBA), a private university considered one of the best engineering schools in Argentina.

Launched in March 2013, this partnership allows students to complete part of their education at both institutions and earn a double degree. Thus, students take two semesters at ITBA, followed by two semesters at IFP School (from January to April and then from May to mid-July).

Due to the health crisis, IFP School exceptionally authorized Augusto to go back to Argentina in May 2020 and return for the missing courses in April 2021 at IFP School. Upon arriving in Argentina, Augusto was inspired and determined.

"My last course at IFP School was on unconventional reservoirs and carbon capture and storage in the context of the energy transition," he recalls. 

"I kept asking myself why I hadn't been exposed to these topics before during my undergraduate studies!" he continues. 

Augusto then assembled a teaching team to offer a new course on these key topics to ITBA's chemical and petroleum engineers.

"My team is currently teaching carbon management and negative emissions technologies to 21 fifth-year engineering students at ITBA," he says with a touch of pride.

Congratulations to Augusto and his team for their initiative and commitment to the energy transition!

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