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Reassuring worried students and partners, answering numerous questions, preparing more than 900 hours of virtual classes…We can only salute the incredible mobilization of IFP School teachers over the last few weeks.

As soon as IFP School closed on March 16, they quickly mobilized to support the students and offer them remote learning solutions in order to continue their education.

Thierry Bros, an external lecturer, started remote teaching at the end of March. "I gave my first virtual class. Thank you IFP School for organizing this. It was a great experience !" he notes.

Ensuring the continuity of teaching during lockdown is a major challenge, especially if there is already a great deal of demand, in particular when recruiting the next year's class.

"It's a challenge for us, but we're motivated!" exclaims Paolo Paron, Supervisor of the Energy and Powertrains program.

"Distance learning cannot be improvised. We are constantly exchanging with external lecturers and our students" adds Olivier Lerat, Supervisor of the Petroleum Geosciences program. "It's more than a full-time job!"

The situation is indeed far from being simple given the multiple tasks and sustained pace. But the teachers have been able to rely on the Information Technology Hub and Lab'Innov, the innovation laboratory recently created at IFP School.

Among other things, the Lab'Innov team offers them weekly webinars to help them progress with the digitization of training courses, master the available technical solutions, but also implement best practices.

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