05.07.2021 - 09.07.2021

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Logo ESAT 202131st meeting in a series of applied thermodynamics conferences; Virtual Conference (5-9 July 2021)



The conference covered:

  • new experimental achievements,
  • prediction of thermophysical properties of complex systems,
  • molecular and statistical thermodynamics,
  • molecular modeling and simulation,

all of this in view of practical applications.

The recent efforts in the various fields have resulted in models, methods, tools, insights and data that allow not only solving academic problems but also contribute substantially to industrial research and process/product design and development.
The conference has offered a unique opportunities to gain a state of the art overview of the various topics and to create new scientific interactions and collaborations.
A strong contribution from industry is expected through the IUT workshop. In addition to plenary lectures, oral presentations in parallel sessions and poster sessions, we have proposed pitches for young researchers, a round table discussion focused on a topic central to industry and  industrial stands.
The ESAT conference was organized in cooperation with (as joint events):

  • the SAFT2021 seminar;
  • the Working Party on Thermodynamics and Transport Properties:
     - the fifth IUT (Industrial Use of Thermodynamics) seminar will be held focusing on the use of electrolyte thermodynamics in industry,
     - the distinguished lecture award will be granted on that occasion to a senior member of the community,
  • the Section on Energy of the European Federation of Chemical Engineers, with a special session related to the use of thermodynamic tools to improve energy efficiency of processes.

The following conferences of the keynote speakers and EFCE awards are available in replay:

  • Keynote speaker, Antoon ten Kate, Nouryon - Electrolytes in industry: worth their salt-
  • Keynote speaker, Joachim Gross, Univ. Stuttgart  - A new approach for constructing analytic equations of state
  • EFCE Michael Michelsen award lecture 2020, Gabriele Sadowski, TU Dortmund - Thermodynamics for Pharmaceutical Development
  • EFCE Junior researcher Excellence award, A. Aasen,  Accurate cubic equation of state for quantum fluid mixtures

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The European Seminar of Applied Thermodynamics was initiated in 1974 by Helmut Knapp. His intuition led to a close cooperation between industrial experts, experimentalists and theoretical scientists in chemical engineering thermodynamics.


Esat history

Picture from Knapp: “Physical Properties in process design
past, present and future” (1986) Fluid Phase Equilibria, 29, p1-21

The meeting is now held every year except every third year where the world community joins in the Properties and Phase Equilibriafor Product and Process Design (PPEPPD) meeting.

Ed. Year Organizer Place Country
30th 2018 The Czech Academy of science Prague Czech Republic
29th 2017 Polytechnic Univ. Bucarest Bucarest Romania
28th 2015 Nat. Tech. Univ. Athens Athens Greece
27th 2014 Eindhoven University of technology Eindhoven The Netherlands
26th 2012 TU Berlin and DECHEMA Potsdam Germany
25th 2011

St. Petersburg State Univ, Russian Acad. Sci,
The Mendeleev Russian chem. Soc.

St. Petersburg Russia
24th 2009 ETSE. Univ, Santiago de Compostela Santiago de Compostela Spain
23th 2008 ENSIC-INPL, Nancy Nancy France
22th 2006 Tech. Univ. Denmark Elsinore Denmark
21th 2005 Warsaw Univ. of Tech Jurata Poland
20th 2003 VDI-GCV, Dusseldorf + Bayer AG,
Leverkusen + Univ. Kaiserslautem
Lahnstein Germany
19th 2002 Nat. Tech. Univ. Athens Santorini Greece
18th 2000 ICT, Prague + ICPF, Prague Kutna Hora Czech Republic
17th 1999 Univ. Porto + Univ. Aveiro Vilamoura Portugal
16th 1997 Univ. Metz + ENSIC-INPL, Nancy Pont-a-Mousson France
15th 1996 ICI, Runcom Runcom United Kingdom
14th 1994 Nat. Tech. Univ. Athens Marathon Greece
13th 1993 Univ. Marseille Marseille France
12th 1991 Tech. Univ. Berlin Berlin Germany
11th 1990 Tech. Univ. Denmark Rungsted Denmark
10th 1988 Univ. Porto Ofir Portugal
9th 1987 Norsk Hydro, Posgrunn Bergen Norway
8th 1985 Univ. Trieste Trieste Italy
7th 1983 Univ. Dortmund Dortmund Germany
6th 1982 Institut Français du Pétrol Rueil Malmaison France
5th 1980 Linde AG, Munchen Sachrang Germany
4th 1979 Shell, Amsterdam Amsterdam The Netherlands
3th 1978 Tech. Univ. Denmark Lyngby Denmark
2th 1976 Tech. Univ. Berlin Berlin (West) Germany
1th 1974 Tech. Univ. Berlin Berlin (West) Germany