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On 2 May 2018, IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) and the French National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (Andra) signed a new framework agreement for scientific partnership following 20 years of collaboration.

Under the agreement, the two bodies will pool their expertise on joint research topics relating to geological storage: the Cigéo project for ANDRA and COstorage for IFPEN.

Cooperation will be organized around four R&D themes:

  • geological modelling to improve underground representation models;
  • monitoring, instrumentation and analysis to enhance geological storage monitoring capacity, especially for gas transfers;
  • digital simulations to boost fluid flow predictive capacity on different spatio-temporal scales;
  • steel corrosion to better assess and control steel corrosion risks.

Within this framework, IFPEN and ANDRA could submit joint projects to ANR1 or the European Union.

IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) is a major research and training player in the fields of energy, transport and the environment. From research to industry, technological innovation is central to all its activities, structured around three strategic priorities: sustainable mobility, new energies and responsible oil and gas.

The French National Agency for Radioactive Waste Management (ANDRA) is a public industrial and commercial undertaking established by the Law of 30 December 1991. Its missions were completed by the Programme Law of June 28, 2006 on the sustainable management of radioactive materials and waste. ANDRA, which is independent of radioactive waste producers, is under the supervision of the ministries for energy, the environment and research. It places its expertise at the service of the State so as to find, implement and guarantee safe management solutions for all French radioactive waste with a view to protecting present and future generations from the risks posed by such waste.
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(1) The French National Research Agency (ANR), a public administrative body under the supervision of the ministry in charge of research, acts as a research-funding entity for projects in France. Through a competitive selection mode that meets international standards, the agency endeavors to contribute to the development of science and technology; foster creativity, decompartmentalization, project emergence and partnerships; encourage interactions between disciplines; and intensify public-private links.


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