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The issues and challenges posed by the ecological transition involve complex choices, not only industrial in nature, but also social, with a broad variety of stakeholders. In this context, IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) wants to develop its interactions with the wider society via the creation of a Stakeholders’ Committee (CPP), which held its first meeting on Thursday 29 June.

Incorporation of society’s expectations in its research programs

Through the Stakeholders’ Committee, IFPEN is demonstrating its determination to listen to the needs and concerns associated with the ecological transition of stakeholders in community life (association representatives, NGOs, elected representatives, students, human and social science experts, etc.), beyond its traditional “inner circle” of partners, namely scientific communities, industrial players and public authorities. 
The remit of the Stakeholders’ Committee is hinged around three components:

  •  Inform the board of directors, and IFPEN more generally, about society’s expectations in terms of research, scientific expertise and innovation related to the energy transition and sustainable mobility;
  •   Discuss prospective issues and technological solutions proposed by IFPEN in order to guide IFPEN’s future priorities and improve its practices when it comes to interacting with society;
  • Facilitate IFPEN’s contribution to the public debate on the ecological transition.

The creation of this committee will thus enable IFPEN to gain a better understanding of society's expectations, take on board new questions as they arise in order to incorporate them into its research programs and anticipate difficulties relating to the acceptability of certain technologies. 

An expert committee open to society

The Stakeholder’ Committee is chaired by Michèle Pappalardo, appointed by IFPEN’s board of directors for an initial, renewable period of 4 years.
Michèle Pappalardo was chair of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (Ademe) from 2003 to 2008, General Commissioner for Sustainable Development (2008-2011), director of Nicolas Hulot’s office (2017-2018), Chamber President of the French Office of the Auditor General (Cour des Comptes) and rapporteur general of the French Office of the Auditor General. Since 2012, she has been a member of the French Academy of Technologies.

The members of the Stakeholders’ Committee are: 

  • Matthieu Auzanneau, director, The Shift Project    
  • Pauline Bucciarelli, a doctoral researcher based in IFPEN’s Economics and Information Watch and Management Division    
  • Loïc Chauveau, journalist, Sciences & Avenir    
  • Marie Chéron, Vehicles, Transport and Environment policy manager     
  • Michel Colombier, scientific director, IDDRI (Sustainable Development and International Relations Institute)    
  • Liliana Doganova, researcher at the Sociology and Innovation Center, Mines Paris Engineering School    
  • Camille Megy, doctoral researcher, Natural Gas Economics Chair (IFP School, Toulouse School of Economics, Paris-Dauphine University and Mines Paris-Tech)    Alexandre Roesch, general representative, French Renewable Energies Union    
  • Yann Wehrling, vice-president responsible for the Ecological Transition, Climate and Biodiversity, Ile de France regional council    

The Stakeholders’ Committee will meet in plenary session twice per year. Once a year, its chairperson will report back to the board of directors regarding the actions of the Stakeholders’ Committee. The committee has a consulting role with the board of directors, bringing a different perspective, as a complement to the work of the existing scientific and industrial committees.


About IFPEN 
IFP Energies Nouvelles (IFPEN) is a major player in research and training in the areas of energy, transport and the environment. From scientific concepts in fundamental research to technological solutions in applied research, the Institute’s activities are focused on innovation and hinged around four key priorities: climate, the environment and the circular economy, renewable energies, sustainable mobility and responsible oil and gas. 

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