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From May 27 to June 17, IFP School took part for the first time in the Ma Petite Planète challenge, which involves teams taking on as many ecological challenges as possible with the aim of preserving our planet.

Over the course of three weeks, students and staff at IFP School took concrete action to protect the environment.

Their collective commitment resulted in:

  • 845 challenges completed;
  • 61 active participants;
  • 2,835 kg of CO2 avoided;
  • 471,750 liters of water saved and
  • 10 kg of waste not generated.

Three teams stood out for their outstanding performance:

  • ENM Decarbonizators (ambassador: Aymeric Tanguy): 182 challenges, 74 points;
  • EcoGirls (ambassador: Gladys Defiolle): 218 challenges, 54 points;
  • EKIP (ambassador: Eliot Bassereau): 129 challenges, 48 points.

Congratulations to all the teams who worked so hard to reduce their environmental footprint!

Watch the video on IFP School's performance