24.02.2024 - 03.03.2024

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IFPEN is taking part in the annual French Agricultural Show, the must-attend event for all the sector’s players... as well as an avant-garde research community of players who convert agricultural and forestry waste into biofuels, evaluate soils health and their carbon storage capacity, analyze soil respiration and air quality, etc. IFPEN’s teams will be at stand  E120, hall 4, to explain its latest innovations designed to address environment, energy and agronomy challenges of today and tomorrow.

Analyzing carbon in soils: knowledge with numerous benefits

Plants fix the carbon contained in CO2  to grow. But they also exchange some of it with fungi, bacteria and other microorganisms present in soils, which in turn consume it or use it to protect themselves. 

It is this territory that IFPEN’s researchers are exploring using a soil quality analysis tool (Rock-Eval®).

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Rock-Eval® is used to qualify the organic matter present in soil. This knowledge is required from both an agronomic and climate point of view: the data acquired is used to estimate soil fertility and its capacity to act as a carbon sink.

>> Soils, carbon sinks and climate player 

Making biofuels from agricultural and forestry waste

Second-generation, or advanced biofuels are produced without using the food component of plants and their environmental footprints demonstrate greenhouse gas emission savings of between 80 and 90% compared to fossil references. 

IFPEN has developed various biofuel production pathways based on the use of agricultural and silvicultural waste: incorporated directly into gasoline, kerosene or diesel, they offer a route towards the immediate decarbonization of the transport sector

>> Biofuels and e-fuels: renewable fuels of the future

Analyzing soil respiration and air quality using Flair Box

Finally, other major issues for the agricultural sector are soil/air exchanges, especially natural emissions resulting from soil respiration. Accordingly, IFPEN has developed Flair box, a tool capable of measuring a wide range of gases in the atmosphere, particularly nitrogenous molecules, at very low concentrations and in real-time.

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We look forward to meeting you from 24 February to March 2024 at Paris Expo Porte de Versailles!