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Developed by IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), via its Transports Energie Carnot Institute, and with the support of the French Environment and Energy Management Agency (ADEME), the Geco air application, which helps guide citizens towards more responsible mobility, is extending its services within the framework of partnership with the Météo France national weather service. Users can now get weather information for their journeys and adapt their trips accordingly.

An app to support air quality

A gégenuine “mobility companion”, since its launch in 2017 Geco air has already won over 30,000 users. Aimed at reducing urban pollution, Geco air calculates the ideal driving style to adopt, in real time and on the basis of the journey being made, and encourages users to favor alternative transport methods. To do so, the app automatically determines the method of transport used and calculates pollutant (NOx, CO, PM) and CO2 emissions for each journey in the form of a “mobility score».

The app now provides real-time information on air quality and the weather conditions for the journeys being undertaken. With the new weather function, soft mobility enthusiasts will be able to determine what time to set off in order to avoid the rain ».

Guillaume Sabiron, Geco air project manager at IFPEN, explains: “We observed that the weather had a real impact on our users’ mode of transport. This new function has been introduced because we reckon users will be more likely to walk or cycle instead of taking their car if they see the weather is going to be good” ».

Cutting-edge expertise within a mobile app

To develop Geco air, IFPEN draws on its expertise in the field of pollutant and powertrain modeling and gives users access to cutting-edge calculation technologies, guaranteeing the reliability of evaluations..

A Gilles Corde, Air Quality program manager at IFPEN, states: “Geco air fits squarely with IFPEN’s determination to develop educational tools aimed at improving air quality in towns and cities and addressing the challenge of sustainable mobility"?


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