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Every year, the IFP Energies nouvelles experts write a set of thematic technical reports to complement the speeches of the Panorama seminar.

picto_pdf.png Oil situation in 2013 and trends (PDF - 500 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Short term trends in the gas industry (PDF - 660 Ko)

picto_pdf.png New oil and gas discoveries (PDF - 1.4 Mo)

picto_pdf.png The importance of underground storage in the security of European gas supplies (PDF - 640 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Overview of new carbon markets at international level (PDF - 940 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Marine renewable energies: news from the ocean front (PDF - 2.4 Mo)

picto_pdf.png Carsharing (PDF - 540 Ko)

picto_pdf.png The energy scenarios put forward by the ANCRE (PDF - 460 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Petrochemicals and green chemistry (PDF - 925 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Overview of second-generation biofuel projects (PDF - 480 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Overview of biofuel sectors throughout the world (PDF - 380 Ko)