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Weisa Automobile Technology Limited, Mavel and IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) announce the joint creation of Mavel edt, in Pont Saint Martin (Italy), dedicated to the industrial production of innovative electric powertrain technologies for motor vehicles(electric motor, inverter and control software).


An industrial aDventure

Located on either side of the French-Italian border, Mavel and IFPEN develop complementary expertise. Created in 1999, Mavel specializes in electric motors and power electronics for various industrial applications, requiring a very high level of performance or extremely restrictive operating conditions. IFPEN has long been established as a significant player in the research and development of cleaner, more fuel-efficient technological solutions for vehicles.

In 2010, IFPEN diversified its activities, turning its attention to electrification.
As a result, the two companies crossed paths and decided to set up an R&D partnership. Exploiting their synergies, IFPEN and Mavel joined forces in 2014 to work on the co-development of electric powertrains. IFPEN also acquired a stake in Mavel. 
In 2016, research culminated in the development of a low-power electric motor. Gradually but very quickly, the range of motors and inverters expanded, with the introduction of increasingly powerful products to address the requirements of broader mobility applications.

In order to industrialize these technologies and pave the way for mass production on the Chinese market, made possible thanks to the presence alongside Mavel and IFPEN of Weisa Automobile Technology Limited, Mavel edt was created in July 2016. In April 2017, short production runs were launched at Mavel edt in Italy.


An offer with high added value

Mavel edt's offer is built around three major strengths:


  • The combination of an innovative technology - synchro reluctance permanent magnet motors - and an optimized manufacturing process making it possible to market highly efficient, competitively priced powertrains.
  • A product range, based on the same technology, that addresses requirements ranging from a few kWe to several kWe for different voltages.
  • An original ecosystem bringing together an innovative SME, a world-class research center and a Chinese investor providing access to the Chinese motor vehicle market.


"We're delighted to be involved in this fabulous industrial adventure alongside Mavel, a partner since 2014, and Weisa Automobile Technology Limited. IFPEN's research and innovation expertise has been vital to the development of a technology that stands out in the marketplace. Also, and above all, the creation of Mavel edt is the story of a collective ambition with our partners, one that is only just beginning." Eric Lafargue, Industrial Development Business Unit Director, IFPEN.

“The originality of the ecosystem we’ve created together and the short time it has taken for us to establish a position for ourselves in the electric vehicle powertrain sector are a clear demonstration that new models can be designed and developed for emerging markets. We have the confidence to proceed to major industrial scale-up, particularly in the Chinese markets.” Davide Bettoni, Chairman of Mavel.



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