24.06.2024 - 27.06.2024

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The new edition of the EUBCE (European Biomass Conference and Exhibition) on biomass will take place from June 24 to 27 in Marseille.

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EUBCE brings together the leading experts in biomass and bioenergies, with the aim of accelerating research and enabling the adoption of these technologies by industry around the world. With its cutting-edge work in the field of biomass and that of the Carnot IFPEN Ressources Energétiques teams in the field of soils, IFPEN and its 15 experts will be there to present its latest advances.

2 experts on the organizing committee and session coordinators

IFPEN is a member of the event's organizing committee and is represented by:

  • Daphné Lorne, bioenergy/transport foresight economist;
  • Jean-Philippe Héraud, manager of the advanced biofuels program.

They are also in charge of coordinating two sessions: the decarbonization of aviation (Jean-Philippe Héraud) and the "Focus on France" afternoon session, dedicated to the main challenges facing the bioeconomy sectors in France (Daphné Lorne).

IFPEN chairs 4 sessions

  • Mathieu Morin for the sessions "Advances in gasification for synthesis gas production" and "Advances in biomass gasification";
  • Abdelhakim Koudil for the sessions "Biochemical platform for biorefinery" and "Processes for bio-based chemicals and materials".

3 round table moderators

  • Daphné Lorne: "The positioning of the agricultural and agro-industrial sectors for the supply of future biofuel markets";
  • Jean-Philippe Héraud, with the participation of Mickael Matrat: "Roundtable on the Decarbonisation of Aviation. A French and European View in Coordination with the Low Carbon Biofuels Forum" ;
  • Jérôme Majcher: "The development of biofuels in maritime and inland waterway transport".

2 paper presentations in session

  • Mathieu Morin: BioTfueL® technology: Production of Low Carbon Footprint Advanced Biofuels from Lignocellulosic Biomasses as part of the "Advanced biofuels" session;
  • Ludovic Raynal: Demonstration of the BioButterfly Process as part of the Innovative production of bioproducts and biochemicals session.

A stand to present its work

Come and meet IFPEN's experts at stand 24 to discuss technological solutions for transforming biomass into fuels and chemical intermediates and soil quality analysis (organic carbon content, ability to store carbon in soils, respiration).