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Fadi Henri Nader, a researcher from IFPEN, has just been appointed Professor of "Multiscale fluid-rock interactions", a new chair, at the Utrecht University, for five years. Fadi Henri Nader is a specialist in sedimentology, a discipline in which he has, since 2007, conducted fundamental and applied research, mainly on characterizing and modeling the diagenesis of carbonate reservoirs and on the petroleum systems of the Levant (Eastern Mediterranean) Basin. Since 2017, he has been capitalizing on this skill and on his experience of academic and industrial co-operations to develop international R&D projects and partnerships.

This chair is a result of the framework collaboration agreement between IFPEN and Utrecht University (2017-2022) on the fields of geosciences and of sustainable development for energies. The chair will lead to teaching and research collaboration actions, taking advantage of the skills of IFPEN's Geosciences Division on the topic of multiscale fluid-rock interactions, in particular for supervising internships and thesis work.

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