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FORM Forum EARPA 2023IFPEN looks forward to seeing you at the next FORM (Future Of Road Mobility) forum EARPA in Brussels on 18 October 2023.

Founded in 2002, EARPA (European Automotive Research Partners Association) is a European association of leading mobility research and development organizations. EARPA has 56 members, including the Carnot institute IFPEN Transports Energie.

Theme of the fourth forum: Transitioning Road Mobility - towards resilience and circularity in a digital world.

Come and discover the solutions devised by researchers at IFPEN and its Carnot Transports Energie to drive innovation in these fields:
•    hydrogen mobility,
•    electric vehicles and batteries,
•    connectivity and digitalization

Find out more about the Melchior project, led by teams from Carnot IFPEN Transports Energie and CEA-Liten, to develop a recyclable electric motor. The key innovation: powder injection molding to manufacture the permanent magnets.