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As well as technology, the volume of pollutants (nitrogen oxide, fine particles, carbon monoxide) emitted by a vehicle depend on driving style and the type of journey undertaken. Tests conducted at IFPEN demonstrated that for the same journey and the same vehicle, pollutant emission levels can vary by a factor of between 1 and 4. Very few people are aware of this.


Developed by IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN), with the support of Ademe (the French Environment and Energy Management Agency, Geco air, a veritable "clean mobility" barometer, is designed to make users more aware of the environmental impact of their journeys. The objective is to show them how they can make an individual difference and reduce their own emissions.


Geco air: the very first app for reducing pollutant emissions associated with journeys undertaken

Atmospheric pollution, COemissions… Each one of us can, in our own way, reduce the volume of pollutants (nitrogen oxides, fine particles, etc.) emitted when we undertake a journey: by adapting our usual driving style (more gentle) and favoring "soft" transport modes (bicycle, public transport).

Geco air thus encourages users to behave in an "eco-responsible" manner to help reduce pollutants

  • By analyzing journey-related emissions, irrespective of transport type (car, bicycle, public transport)
  • By making users aware of the polluting nature of their journeys with a "mobility score", delivered every day and after every journey via an objective measurement tool expressed in Pollutant Points (POP)
  • By helping them improve their driving style with simple, practical and personalized advice at the end of each journey
  • By recommending the use of soft transport modes such as the bicycle, for example, wherever possible.


The gains are real: by optimizing users' driving style, their vehicle's emissions can be halved!




Geco air supplements the GECO eco-driving app launched in 2014 by IFPEN and which already has more than 24,000 users!

At the Futur en Seine 2014 European Digital Festival, IFPEN had previously launched the GECO eco-driving app, which enables users to reduce their fuel consumption via improved driving techniques. Since then, 24,000 users have traveled more than 500,000 km using the application. By giving users the opportunity to evaluate and reduce their pollutant emissions, Geco "air" supplements the action initiated by IFPEN in the field of connected services with GECO.

A first: the application's calculation algorithm is used to calculate nitrogen oxide, fine particle, carbon monoxide and CO2 emissions for each journey.


The IFPEN engineers responsible for designing Geco air will be present at the Pollutec Trade Fair

With Geco air, IFPEN capitalizes on its scientific expertise in the field of pollutant and powertrain modeling



Gilles Corde, "Software and Associated Services for Transport" Program Manager
Philippe Degeilh, Research Engineer
Olivier Lepreux, Research Engineer
Guillaume Sabiron, Research Engineer
Laurent Thibault, Geco air Project Manager
Luc Voise, Research Engineer
will present the new app at the Pollutec Trade Fair.

By using Geco air you can help improve the environment and health, and contribute to a better understanding of atmospheric pollution on a local level by generating useful research data.

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