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LAGUN1, a data exploration and optimization platform, intended for research organizations and industry, is now accessible for everyone at https://gitlab.com/drti/lagun.

A platform for a collaborative approach

Equipped with a user-friendly web interface, LAGUN provides access to methods for exploring (experimental planning, metamodels), analyzing (advanced visualizations, sensitivity and uncertainty analysis) and exploiting (deterministic, robust or reliabibility optimization) data or numerical simulations. These methods are integrated into adapted workflows to help non-expert users.

In particular, this open-source platform will be the repository for the results of the collaborative research of IFPEN2 and Safran Tech, and more broadly will be open to contributions from the scientific community, in particular via the GDR MascotNum in which IFPEN participates.

Originally developed by Safran Tech for internal use, this tool has been made open source in the framework of the collaboration with IFPEN, initiated in 2019 through the DOPING (Design OPtimal Pour l'INGénieur) project, supported by the scientific department. It continues today in the framework of a new fundamental research project, also associated with scientific challenge 7 "Control and optimization".

Scientific contact: Delphine Sinoquet

1"Assistance" in Basque
2 ANR Samourai project "Optimization, uncertainty and reliability analysis based on simulations and meta-models", OQUAIDO chair and its sequel the CIROQUO consortium