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Carole ReymondCarole Reymond, a PhD student at IFPEN, was awarded the prize for the best flash communication at the 2019 Congrès francophone sur les Sciences séparatives et les Couplages (French-speaking Conference on Separation Science and Couplings), held in Paris. 
The communication concerned the optimization of the conditions for coupling liquid chromatography with high-resolution mass spectrometry (LC/HRMS) and their application to the analysis of a sample derived from pre-treated wheat straw. Her research work opens up new avenues relating to the detailed description of oxygenated matrices, particularly for the identification of potential inhibitors or new bio-based molecules. This thesis is sponsored by Agnès Le Masle (IFPEN) and supervised by Nadège Charon (IFPEN), in partnership with Cyril Colas from the University of Orléans (ICOA). 


Olivier Said-AizpuruOlivier Said-Aizpuru, a PhD student at IFPEN, was awarded the prize for the best PhD student presentation at the 2019 FCCat (French Conference on Catalysis, Fréjus). 
His research concerns the integration of catalytic descriptors in kinetic models for an optimized development of new catalysts (application to dehydrocyclization / dehydrogenation of n-heptane). This thesis is sponsored by Aurélie Dandeu (IFPEN) and Fabrice Diehl (IFPEN), supervised by Jean-François Joly (IFPEN) and David Farruseng from IrceLyon, and is being conducted within the framework of the agreement with Axel’One.