22.05.2024 - 25.05.2024

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IFPEN, its subsidiary GreenWITS, seven of its partner start-ups and IFP School are taking part in VivaTech, the biggest European event dedicated to innovation and start-ups. The themes for this 8th edition include two of IFPEN’s core areas: climate technology and mobility.

22 to 25 May 2024
Paris Expo Porte de Versailles, Paris, France
Stand Hall 1, Alley J, no. 09

IFPEN’s long-standing capacity for innovation is built on a strong foundation of resources: more than 50 professions, 1,550 employees, 40 laboratories and 650 students* contribute to its expertise, from knowledge development through to the creation of innovative solutions addressing the needs of industry.
A successful model, reflected in the fact that in 2023 IFPEN filed 125 patents in the fields of energy, mobility and the environment. 

*150 PhD students at IFPEN and 500 IFP School students

Boosting innovation for sustainable mobility

One of the pillars of IFPEN’s innovation is mobility, a fast-evolving field and one of VivaTech’s main themes. IFPEN’s teams are studying new mobility uses, with a particular focus on highly energy-efficient technologies.

IFPEN also provides regional players and government authorities with the tools they need to gain a better understanding of new mobility practices and implement appropriate public policies, particularly in terms of road infrastructures.

Digital technology, a faithful innovation companion

In the field of mobility, the R-TAMS model, the most recent addition to the range of environmental monitoring tools combining applied mathematics and numerical modeling, is capable of providing local authorities with an accurate and reliable tool for analyzing air quality and pollutant emissions in a given geographic zone, and of evaluating the effectiveness of pubic policies, such as the creation of LEZs (Low Emission Zones) or reduced speed limits in urban areas. 

In the field of wind energy, IFPEN has created GreenWITS, a subsidiary specializing in providing digital services to the sector. The result of more than 12 years of research, GreenWITS will enable developers and operators to optimize the design and operational efficiency of wind farms with a view to maximizing their profitability.

Transforming and training  

IFPEN innovates in a number of other strategic sectors for the energy transition: wind, hydrogen, air quality, green chemistry, advanced biofuels and materials recycling (plastics, metals) are among the themes that visitors interested in advances in the fields of energy and the environment will be able to discover at the stand at VivaTech. 

These innovations can only come about thanks to the work of researchers and engineers prepared for this rapidly changing world. IFP School will also be at the stand to present its programs, its innovative teaching methods and its constantly evolving tools (MOOCs, immersive realities, generative artificial intelligence, etc.).

Innovating hand-in-hand with start-ups

In these fields, as well as others including water management and soils, IFPEN accompanies partner companies and start-ups by providing expertise and equipment to help them overcome hurdles and  support their development

Some of them will be there to present their activities at IFPEN’s start-up corner. Come and talk to Agua de Sol, EHP2, Naturamole, Save Innovations, So Sponge, Tabatabaï, ou encore Techkare !

IFPEN’s support services: Boost & Link and Corporate

IFPEN has a policy of actively supporting start-ups, SMEs and intermediate-sized companies.  This support is primarily focused on the energy transition and the environment. Concretely, two types of partnerships are offered:
-  Boost & Link, whereby IFPEN provides its partner with resources and expertise to help it develop its innovation.
-  Corporate: here, the approach adopted is co-development of the innovation. The partnership is more extensive and may involve an equity stake. 
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