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The 2021 edition of the INPI's lineup of top patent applicants has been made public. With 189 applications, IFPEN is for the 3rd year running ranked 3rd among patent applicants in the research and higher education establishment category. It is followed by the CEA and CNRS. This edition shows that a significant proportion of IFPEN's filings pertain to the chemistry field, and that IFPEN is furthering the improvement of its processes supporting ecological transition. 


Image montrant IFPEN sur la troisième place du podium de l'INPI après le CEA et le CNRS

While IFPEN has held onto its ranking in the line-up of top patent applicants since 2019, it has also risen by 2 places in the overall top 50 of patent applicants compared to 2020 and has climbed to 13th place, alongside major groups such as Stellantis, Arkema and Air Liquide.

Continue with the advances made in ecological and energy transition 

IFPEN also stands out by making it into the top 10 patent applicants in the chemistry field (135 patent filings). For the first time, the patent office has drawn up a top ranking by technological field and subdivision: IFPEN is the top applicant in the fields of basic chemistry (54 patents) and chemical engineering (78), and 3rd in organic fine chemistry (44). These are disciplines that IFPEN continues to steer towards the aims of ecological transition. 

Meeting the challenges facing society with biosourced chemicals and biofuels 

The processes covered by these patents shore up IFPEN's position as a leading player, not least in the development of biobased chemistry and advanced biofuels. These are solutions able to meet society's demand for products made from renewable materials and work towards French and European targets for the incorporation of biofuels into means of transport. 

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Chemical recycling of plastics: IFPEN sustains its momentum 

Moreover, IFPEN is continuing to position itself in plastic recycling. In this field, its teams have recently developed innovative chemical recycling technologies to recycle polyethylene terephthalate (PET) - a type of resin widely used in packaging production in Europe - and purify plastic pyrolysis oils. These can then be processed right in petrochemical plants to produce recycled plastic.

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Come up with innovations in both long-standing and new fields of expertise

While significant R&D work has been carried out in the chemistry field, IFPEN has also furthered its efforts in its other fields of expertise. In the mobility field the patents filed pertain, not least, to the design and control of electric motors and the analysis of types of mobility to rein in their environmental impact.  

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Moreover, IFPEN has bolstered its innovations supporting ecological transition with patents in the fields of industrial water treatment, digital solutions for geosciences and CCUS*.

*Carbon capture, utilization and storage.  

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Lastly, in the wind energy field, IFPEN's teams have continued to come up with innovations, not least for the improvement of wind characteristic prediction. New patents have also been secured for advanced energy storage technologies, which are essential for balancing the production and consumption of the growing energy source that is renewable electricity. 

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These results reflect the heavy investment of IFPEN and its teams in research and innovation to support ecological transition.