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The 2018 impact factor (IF)* of the OGST (Oil & Gas Science and Technology) open access journal (an IFP Energies Nouvelles publication) has just been revealed.

With 1,875 article citations, the two-year IF is 1.867. Up compared to 2017 (1.399), it has been rising continuously since 2012. The five-year impact factor also continued to rise, reaching 1.567 (1.417 in 2017). The OGST review is the 4th most visible journal in the Engineering, Petroleum category, placing it in the top quartile of journals in this theme.

It should be recalled that the OGST journal is aimed at engineers and researchers in disciplines and fields related to exploration, production, refining, petrochemicals, the use of oil, natural gas and other energy sources, particularly alternative energies and their respective economies within the context of the energy transition. 

* Two-year impact factor: ratio between the number of citations registered in 2018 concerning OGST articles published in 2016 and 2017, excluding self-citations, and the number of said articles. It is published by the Web of Science.