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The refining industry needs to find its way against the backdrop of the energy transition. Panorama 2016 seeks to review the energy transition-related issues as well as the technological and economic avenues to take up environmental challenges, evolving mobility-related energy mix requirements, use of new fossil resources and evolving areas of consumption.


picto_pdf.png Oil situation in 2015 and trends (PDF - 590 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Short-term trends in the gas industry (PDF - 530 Ko)

picto_pdf.png LNG in transportation: what is its potential for the sector? (PDF - 450 Ko)

picto_pdf.png New conventional oil and gas discoveries (PDF - 2,8 Mo)

picto_pdf.png Distribution of electrification in transportation: future prospects? (PDF - 660 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Refining outlook for 2035 (PDF - 700 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Offshore wind power (PDF - 540 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Chemical recycling of CO2 (PDF - 480 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Investment in exploration/production: the end of an upward cycle (PDF - 320 Ko)

picto_pdf.png The revival of mergers and acquisitions in the oil and gas sector (PDF - 480 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Overview of the refining industry in the European Union Emissions Trading System (EU ETS) (PDF - 650 Ko)

picto_pdf.png Diesel (PDF - 430 Ko)