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Special issue: Theses

Andreas EhingerA thesis is the culmination of a long study program and forms a solid foundation from which to launch a career in the world of academic or industrial research.

Every year, IFP Energies nouvelles (IFPEN) plays host to around 40 PhD students working across its various research sectors. Our doctors are trained in scientific methods and are familiar with the most advanced state of the art in the field of the thesis. They are aware of the requirements of applied research and have a sound general knowledge of the energy sector as a whole. These factors combine to make them move seamlessly into the job market.

Each year, IFPEN Scientific Board awards the Yves Chauvin prize to the best thesis defended. This year the prize has been jointly awarded to Ibrahim Abada for his research in the field of natural gas markets in Europe and to Marie Savonnet for her work on the synthesis of new catalysts based on MOFs. The Scientific Board praised the exceptional quality of their research, their major scientific contribution and their very significant potential industrial impacts. This issue takes a close look at the 6 finalists, selected from 14 applicants for the prize.

We hope that you enjoy this issue.

Andreas Ehinger, Director of Doctoral Studies


 - A GaMMES model for the gas industry. Thesis by Ibrahim Abada, 2012 Yves Chauvin prize-winner
 - Gaining a better understanding of carbonate reservoirs. Thesis by Mickaël Barbier
 - How asphaltenes aggregate. Thesis by Joëlle Eyssautier
 - Functionalization of MOFs. Thesis by Marie Savonnet, 2012 Yves Chauvin prize-winner
 - Trichoderma reesei: it’s all in the genes. Thesis by Thomas Portnoy
 - Molecular modeling of clay in contact with a CO2 reservoir; Thesis by Alexandru Botan

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