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Fundamental Research
News 01 December 2018

Issue 35 of Science@ifpen - Recent PhD graduates

The aim of fundamental research at IFPEN, structured around cross-functional and multidisciplinary scientific questions, is to build the skills and knowledge base required for the development of new solutions in the fields of energy, transport and climate.

Fundamental Research
News 21 November 2018

Awards for two IFPEN PhD students in the field of geosciences

- Xavier Mangenot received the 2018 Van Straelen prize from the French Geological Society; - Alexandre Lettéron received the 2018 thesis prize from the Association des Géologues du Sud-Est (South-East Geologists Association).

Basin Reservoir
Innovation and Industry

Our solutions

Basins and reservoirs modeling and simulation oUR solutions IFPEN develops innovative underground modelling and simulation solutions, both at the scale of sedimentary basins and at the reservoir level
Bassin Réservoir
Innovation and Industry

Our strenghts

Basins and reservoirs modeling and simulation oUR sTRENGHTS Over the course of many years, IFPEN has developed renowned expertise in: descriptive and quantitative geosciences, sedimentology
Innovation and Industry

Basins and reservoirs modeling and simulation

Basins and reservoirs modeling and simulation overview and challenges Sedimentary basins and the geological reservoirs that lie within them contain exploitable natural resources, including
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Research Engineer / Project Leader
Organic Geochemistry PhD.
Maria-Fernanda Romero-Sarmiento joined IFP Energies nouvelles in 2010 as a research scientist in organic geochemistry. She holds a Ph.D. in Organic Geochemistry from the University of Lille (France)
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Charles-Philippe LIENEMANN

Charles-Philippe Lienemann - Scientific Advisor at the Physics and Analysis Division
Charles-Philippe Lienemann graduated at the University of Geneva (Switzerland) in 1993. He then joined University of Lausanne (Switzerland) within the group of D. Perret and Prof. J-C. Bünzli for his
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Research engineer / Project manager
Nicolas Ferrando graduated from Ecole Nationale Supérieure des Ingénieurs en Génie Chimique (Toulouse) with a Chemical Engineering degree, followed by a PhD in Chemistry from Université Paris XI. He
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Lecturer in Geophysics at IFP School
Mathilde Adelinet graduated from the Ecole normale supérieure in 2007. She next worked on elastic properties of basalt in Iceland at the Maine University where she obtained her PhD in 2010. In 2010
Carnot IFPEN Ressources Energétiques
Innovation and Industry

IFPEN Ressources Energétiques Carnot Institute

Reinforcing and accelerating R&I In 2020, IFPEN’s energy resources activities were awarded the “Carnot Institute” label, in recognition of the numerous active collaborative initiatives with economic
Responsible oil and gas
Innovation and Industry

Responsible oil and gas

Against the backdrop of the accelerating energy transition, the oil industry and related sectors need to continue to meet sustained demand, while significantly reducing their environmental footprint
Issue 30 Science@ifpen
News in brief

Optimized placements for long lasting resources

In the face of declining oil and gas reserves, increasing the productivity of oil fields has become a technological challenge of the utmost importance. Accordingly, well positioning and trajectory are