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Xavier MontagneIFPEN develops and hones its scientific skills in a variety of contexts by being a versatile player in the French research and innovation system, helping to develop a European research community, providing expert advice to public bodies, industry and local authorities, leading thinking on future energy research and, lastly, by training young researchers to the very highest level in all the relevant disciplines.

In order to pursue this dynamic mission, IFPEN relies heavily on its Expert network, whose ranks have been swelled in early 2013 by the appointment of new expert directors and experts. Issue 13 of Science@ifpen aims to share with you the scientific contribution of these new experts by illustrating the diversity and complementarity of their skills, ranging from geoscience through to economics, not to mention soft chemistry, chemical physics and fluid mechanics. A sample of their research is offered in the form of achievements which contribute to the success IFPEN and the esteem in which it is held.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue.

Xavier Montagne, Associate Director, Scientific Division


 - Microstructure of granular media: from sand pile to catalyst bed
 - Towards improved modeling of speculative phenomena on the oil markets
 - A core sample to improve basin models
 - Images worth their weight in black gold
 - Additives to enhance recovery in a crude oil environment
 - Soft chemistry in the world of crude oil

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