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Philippe UngererA few readers have expressed their surprise that some of the scientific articles referred to in Science@ifp date from before 2000. It is not Science@ifp’s intention to mention only recent contributions. Work with major impact have a place in this letter.

Now, it takes several years for this impact to emerge, whence the choice of less recent references. For example, in this issue, number 3, one of the articles referred to on ionic liquids has been mentioned more than 450 times in the literature*. And one of the articles on molecular modeling referenced in issue number 2 has been mentioned more than 90 times*.

I hope you enjoy reading this issue!

Philippe Ungerer, Scientific Director

* source: ISI Web of Knowledge


 - Observing in 3D on nanometer scale 
 - Scaling up flows in heterogeneous porous medium
 - Viscosity of fuels by molecular dynamics
 - Ionic liquids for the environment
 - Advanced fuels for HCCI combustion
 - Large-scale distribution of durable goods and energy demand


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