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A conclusive gasification test has been conducted on the BioTfueL® project demonstration platform dedicated to advanced biofuel production. R&I teams from Bionext* and Total's Flanders site successfully oversaw the sequential ignition of all the burners, thereby enabling the production of synthetic gas in real conditions. This first success crowns the combined efforts of all the partners, particularly IFPEN’s teams, who are actively involved in operating the two BioTfueL® demonstration units.

The aim of the BioTfueL® project is to develop a completely integrated chain for the production of advanced biofuels (biodiesel for transport and biojet fuel for aviation). This chain comprises a biomass conditioning and torrefaction step followed by its gasification, the treatment and purification of the synthetic gas produced and its subsequent conversion in a Fischer-Tropsch synthesis unit.

* leader of the project conducted in partnership with Avril, Axens, the CEA (French Alternative Energies and Atomic Energy Commission), IFPEN, Thyssenkrupp Industrial Solutions and Total