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IFPEN has just conducted a study on behalf of the AFG (French Gas Association) and the AFGNV (French NGV Association) in order to compare the impact on global warming of vehicles running on NGV (natural gas for vehicles) and bioNGV to that of diesel, gasoline and electric vehicles using the LCA methodology.

All greenhouse gases emitted during vehicle manufacture, fuel production and fuel combustion are taken into account. This study highlights the importance of evaluating all of the emissions produced throughout the life cycle of private cars and light commercial vehicles, rather than simply exhaust emissions.

For example, throughout its life, a mid-range light vehicle, a small commercial vehicle or a delivery truck running on bioNGV will have a lower impact on the climate than an electric vehicle running on low-carbon electricity representative of the French energy mix.

Moreover, by 2030, a hybrid, non-plug-in NVG vehicle running on 60% NGV and 40% bioNGV will probably have a climate impact equivalent to that of an electric vehicle.

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