27.03.2018 - 29.03.2018

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Within the context of improved energy efficiency and sustainable development, reactive and non-reactive chemical phenomena occurring at solid-liquid interfaces (SLI) play a role in numerous industrial applications. Heterogeneous catalysis, electrochemistry (corrosion, energy storage), enhanced oil recovery, water treatment and waste management are just some of the fields that may benefit from improved control of complex and intricate chemical events: sorption, wetting, impregnation, diffusion and reactions occurring at solvated interfaces of oxides (supports, clays, etc.) or metals (electrodes, catalysts, steels, etc.).

This international event aims to highlight the most recent advances, presenting a variety of innovative experimental and theoretical methods that improve our molecular-scale understanding of SLI and offer significant promise for concrete applications.

It will bring together experts in industrial applications, cutting-edge characterization techniques (in situ and operando spectroscopy, calorimetry, etc.) and computationalchemistry from the atomistic to the mesoscale level. The event will show how key scientific challenges, at the crossroads of chemistry, analytical chemistry, physical chemistry, catalysis and geochemistry can be addressed.

This Rencontre scientifique event organized by IFP Energies nouvelles will provide the scientific community with an ideal platform for constructive debate among experimental and theorical researchers from both academia and industry.

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