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The European project ARCHIMEDES (Trusted lifetime in operation for a circular economy), funded under the "Key Digital Technologies Joint Undertaking*" program, was launched in late June 2023. Coordinated by the Austrian company AVL for a duration of 3 years, it brings together 48 partners including research centers, among which is the Carnot IFPEN Transports Energie. This new project develops components, models and methodologies to increase the efficiency and lifespan of power electronics components and energy storage devices in the automotive, aviation and industry sectors, thus contributing to accelerating the energy transition. The Carnot teams will work on developing methodologies for assessing the technical barriers related to the reliability of Wide Band Gap** components used in bidirectional chargers (V2H) and traction inverters.

*Public-private partnership managing a research and innovation program aimed at strengthening the EU's strategic autonomy in the electronic components and systems sector.
**Wide bandgap semiconductor materials whose physical properties enable the development of more compact, lighter and more efficient high-performance electronic devices and systems, particularly in applications requiring high levels of power, frequency or temperature.

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ARCHIMEDES is supported by the Chips Joint Undertaking and its members, including the top-up funding by National Authorities under Grant Agreement No 101112295.
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