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A new EleTher Joint Industry Project has just been launched by IFPEN, for a period of three years, with six industrial partners: BASF, Bayer, BP, Neste, Nouryon and Solvay.

This JIP, dedicated to the thermodynamic modeling of electrolyte species, is aimed at proposing a method for analyzing existing data with a view to developing extrapolation methodologies and establishing a procedure to determine thermodynamic model parameters.

The project builds on initiatives conducted within the “Thermodynamics” working group of the European Federation of Chemical Engineering (EFCE), which had identified some major gaps in the understanding of systems containing ionic species. The results of the JIP’s research will be useful in a number of IFPEN’s fields, particularly for the understanding of phenomena occurring during the processing of biomass, battery corrosion, usage and aging, and CO2 capture and storage.


>> More information: http://www.elether.fr/